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Earlier I read about smuggled dogs euthanized in Bali, now this! Repost from @natgeo via @igrepost_app. @paulnicklen on a @sea_legacy private expedition to Svalbard, Norway to explore the effects of climate change. In over 40 years of living in the Arctic, four of those as a biologist working on polar bear projects, and the last twenty as a wildlife photographer, I have only found one dead polar bear. This year, over a two week period, we found two polar bears that had died of starvation. Another group found a third one. In an area of Svalbard which traditionally has vast amounts of sea ice during the summer months, we found all areas to be completely void of ice. People always ask me for proof about the effects of losing sea ice. The Arctic is projected to be completely void of sea ice in the next 10 to 20 years during the summer months. @cristinamittermeier #sealegacy @natgeo #picofthday #instagramhub #bear #polarbear #climatechange

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